What is Ludion?

Developped by the KAUST Supercomputing Laboratory (KSL), Ludion is a service-oriented hybrid architecture, well-adapted to launch, monitor and steer interactive services spawned either on on-premise HPC resources, on user laptop and workstation or in the Cloud. Based on AWS serverless components, requiring no special priviledges to be deployed, it consists in a catalog of services and a dashboard hosted in the Cloud and a set of commands to install on the Resources to cover. From a running job, a user can register and publish his new service and any relevant data related on a centralized dashboard.

Developed by the KAUST Supercomputing Laboratory, Ludion is released as an Open Source Software under BSD Licence. It is available at http://github.com/samkos/ludion


Ludion allows a user to:

  • “publish” his own service via a centralized web interface and API. This service can be hosted either on-premise HPC, on his local workstation or in the cloud.
  • dynamically update any information judged of interest about the published service
  • make user-defined widget appear on the website in the view related to a given service. When clicked-on or filled and submitted, these widget trigger immediate action from the service hosted on resource.