Welcome to Ludion’s documentation!

Ludion is the French word for “Cartesian Diver” a classic science experiment demonstrating the principle of Archimedes’principle. It consists of a diver trapped in a water bottle traveling down when a pressure is applied at the top of the enclosure and back up when it is released.

The movement of this diver portrays well the purpose of Ludion this framework which goal is to spread valuable information back and forth from HPC Resources to an easy to use web interface hosted in the AWS Cloud and vice versa.

Although all technical information can be found on the current website, the following [Article] might be of interest to understand the context of this work as it captures the motivations of Ludion’s development, its functional architecture, some detail of implementation as well as 10 use cases partially deployed at KAUST Supercomputing Laboratory.

[Article]Towards an HPC Service Oriented Hybrid Cloud Architecture Designed for Interactive Workflows, Samuel KORTAS & Moshin SHAIKH, submitted in September 2020, available on request.